Basement excavations and loft conversions will add value to your property

When looking to sell your home there are many factors that affect the price including things like the addition of basement excavations or loft spaces. Looking down or up for additional space and maximising on the land you own is a great way of adding value to a property and making your property that little bit something extra.

The property market is buoyant but standing out from the huge volume of properties on the market when trying to sell is the key to getting the maximum value. Things like basements excavations and loft conversions are just one way of creating that wow factor in your property that sets it apart from everything else that you see.

Getting the basement or loft converted safely

If you do choose to look up or down to create a new space then making sure it meets all the tight regulations and that it is done properly is essential. Getting the right advice for the very start is the key to a successful project and choosing the right contractor and supporting team will be one of the most vital decisions you have to make.

With many regulations and the whole process of planning to consider getting the right advice early can be the difference between a stunning transformation and a nightmare and so we cannot stress how important this early planning stage is. Every council has different criteria and rules and so getting someone that really understands the process and the terminology will help you ensure your project runs smoothly.

Planning your new space in the basement or loft

Before you commit to the project it is always worth having an end goal for the new space. Deciding what you are planning to do with it before you commit will ultimately make the space work harder for you and your family. Having this plan for it in relation to your existing floor space will make it work better for you.

These decisions can be made on the go but trying to tackle these things whilst the project is underway can put you under even more pressure and if these things change the overall conversion can cost you dearly.

A good basement specialist or loft conversion expert will have a wealth of experience and ideas to draw from and you can use this for ideas and potential concepts you may have never even considered before.

This kind of interaction and advice will save you money and hassle and we cannot recommend this thinking time enough.

Great spaces and brilliant designs can add real value to a property but there is one caveat in most areas the house prices will have a ceiling and redevelopment costs must be looked at with end sale prices in mind or you could end up spending and not getting the return you may have hoped for. A good estate agent may well offer you advise on this so you understand the payoff in relation to the cost of the project better.