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Online agent or traditional high street Estate Agent, you choose!

When it comes to choosing an estate agent traditionally you went to an area in Cardiff where they all seemed to have set up shop. You would walk down the street popping in to speak to them and organising a few to come out to value your property.

You would spend the next week tidying and making ready for them to turn up and in turn tell you how much they could get for your house. You would pick the one and off you go the boards would go up and the mayhem would ensue.

Recently this whole marketplace has exploded with the birth of the online agent, massive marketing budgets and cheap transactions has meant many have had their heads turned and opted for this more DIY approach to selling your house.

The birth of the online Estate Agent

The modern era and leaps forward in technology have not escaped the world of property. With bad press and large fee’s I guess it was inevitable that someone would fill a void for the ever cost conscious general public. The same public would lap up the lavish marketing messages hammering the already much hated local agents promising to do away large fees and make the process so much simpler and cheaper.

The reality as now documented in the press was a different story with untrue claims and hidden fees leading to many thousands of complaints and negative feedback.

The actual situation is as with everything in life, there are pro’s and cons for both and you must decide which is the better for your situation. If going for a more DIY approach then make sure you are doing your research and do it very well. You want to sell your property for the right price and not let it go on the cheap.

A local agent will have experience and in depth knowledge of your area and all the prices so don’t be afraid to get both out in the first instance to get a few valuations before you do business with everyone.

On fees also make sure you understand exactly what you are getting and how much that will cost, an Estate Agent will be easy you pay a percentage of around 1 to 1.5% of the sale price, so it is more than in their interest to get the absolute best price for you, the other notable difference is they only get paid after your house is sold. Online agents get paid up front (either in cash of via a credit agreement), typically the cost is relatively low but this is steadily rising. They are under no pressure to try to get more for the house as they get the same no matter how much the house sells for. They will offer extra’s that are chargeable so just be aware of the service you will want and cost it up accordingly before you make any decisions. 

Traditional or online Estate Agents

Whichever route you go down be proactive, call them on a regular basis and make sure you are asking their opinions and getting the most out of them. Once you do pick an estate agent to work with then trust their judgement and try to take on board the comments they make.

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Everything You Need to Know About Estate Agents in the UK

Everything You Need to Know About Estate Agents in the UK

Estate Agent is a term that is used for referring to an individual who takes up the responsibility of managing an estate or a property. In the UK, individuals engaged in selling and buying homes are also called estate agents or housing agents. However, estate agent is a term that is generally used for denoting individuals into the property business. To be very specific, estate agents are professionals or businesses that arrange the renting, management and selling of property. The main job of an estate agent in the UK is marketing a property for sale.

The Job of an Estate Agent in the UK

It is important for estate agents in the UK to know the local and community factors that can decrease or increase the prices of property in a certain area. For example, if a new airport or road is to be constructed in any part of the UK, it would blight the prices of homes nearby. Equally, things such as new shopping centers in any part of the UK can boost property prices.

Therefore, the estate agents in the UK need to take up the task of valuing a property for getting the best price for their clients. Experienced and genuine estate agents in the UK have the capability of adjusting to the modern day requirements of the property market in the UK.

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