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Job Description Of Estate Agents In THE UK

Job Description Of Estate Agents In THE UK

Estate agents in the UK generally act as a go-between home buyers and owners for conducting rent, sale and purchase of properties. The agents work for brokers and also have an important role to play in helping people sell or buy residential, industrial and commercial properties. These are professionals who maintain and even update accounts of property listings and other important housing information for staying abreast with different properties. They subscribe to different listing services for marketing and advertising properties put up for sale. These professionals also carry out the task of contacting property owners for obtaining relevant information about a property.

The Responsibilities

The responsibilities of estate agents in the UK entail presenting purchase and sales offer to clients and advising clients on the rates of properties, general market trends and legal requirements. Estate agents also take up the responsibility of determining property preference and specification. They come up with a list of different properties that best suit the requirements of their clients. Post this, they visit and carry out a thorough inspection of the properties for establishing the right value. Apart from this, estate agents proffer suggestions to their clients on the properties that best suit their preferences, budget and requirements.

Other Tasks Carried Out by the UK Estate Agents

There are many estate agents in the UK who look after the preparation of purchase agreements, representation contracts, purchase agreements and various other important documents needed for property business. They carry out negotiations between estate sellers and buyers for coming up with a price along with other sales terms and conditions.

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