Sell your house fast

In this modern era, many people want things super-fast, from broadband to food we have less time to get things done in our hectic lives. Property now has started to go the same way and if you want to move or need to get out of your current home then many people are now looking at fast home sales companies that offer immediate decisions and a super quick cash transaction.

The property transaction can be a slow process

Selling your house on the open market can be an incredible slow and stressful process. There are many ups and downs along the way from dealing with long property chains (the sales chain on both sides  from your buyers selling their home to another person to where you are looking to move too etc) to being gazumped or the sale actually just falling through.

Sales fall through for many reasons when selling your house to the general public including the buyers changing their mind or something happening beyond anyone’s control in the chain. This whole process can lead to you missing out on your next dream home or the house being repossessed if you are not in a great position.

Selling to a specialist company could be the answer

There are a few companies out there that offer immediate on the spot decisions and who are cash buyers. As well as the obvious benefits they will also often pay all the legal fees for the transaction to proceed quickly.

This alone would save you hundreds of pounds but also as they are cash purchases and so are not mortgage dependant they do not need to get a survey done and can deal with a whole host of problems that in a normal sale would mean either a price reduction or worse the sale falling through.

Things like Japanese Knotweed will in all cases mean a sale falls through on a mortgage offer  and lead to you having to spend a fortune to get the garden treated by a specialist and mean a lengthy delay on a normal sale is often not an issue for this type of specialist purchaser. They will often have vast experience of dealing with problems like this and can put a program in place to deal with this issue whilst you are free to move and get on with your life.

Other situations where these companies can really help are difficult situations like divorce settlements and probate properties. In the first instance getting a fast sale can help diffuse many argument and allow a once couple to make a fresh start  and get on with living their new lives.

Probate properties when an owner dies can also be problematic with many people to consider and the obvious painful process of selling a loved ones home. Getting this done quickly can mean a mush less stressful sale.

Transactions can be done in a week

Believe it or not a fast cash transaction can take as little as a week. Compared with the 12 weeks plus for an average sale this can mean the difference between losing a house and leaving on your own terms.

A quick Google search for sell your house fast will throw up a number of these specialist for you to have a chat with.